When you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, you'll take the most natural photographs. Therefore, most of our sessions are up to two hours long, giving you enough time to get all the shots you're looking for. Sessions generally take 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how everyone is feeling and who's in the group. We'll simply take the time we need for just the right shots.


If you have a baby who becomes ill or is too fussy during the session, we can rebook at no extra charge. If you need to cancel for some other reason, we can rebook once at no charge. A second rebook, however, will require the session fee to be paid in advance.


I can meet you at an outdoor location in the lower mainland. The first part of the session is all about getting you settled and comfortable. I'll rarely ask you to pose (though I may adjust you a bit!) and I won't ask you to say Cheese! . . . you'll often not even realize that I'm shooting. You'd be surprised that the perfect shots come from your most candid moments. So, generally, going for a walk in your favourite park is a good idea for location.


Before we begin shooting, we'll discuss the types of shots that you're looking for. We can also talk about what to wear and what to bring before you come. Don't hesitate to ask questions and let me know what you're thinking or wondering - after all, they're your pictures and they're very special.


Unless you request otherwise, I reserve the right to use your photos on my website and in promotional materials ~ thank you!

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